YellowMap AG

Main Business

The user of YellowMap's services is provided with all relevant information and contact data on businesses and organisations of his choice. The information given is based on the geographical location of the user. By entering a local position and a search criterion all relevant addresses in a perimeter around the given address are shown. The results are listed according to distance and displayed in a dynamic map. On demand, YellowMap provides the routing to the selected address. These basic-functions enable the user to take advantage of applications which are far beyond the usual functions of a common business directory. YellowMap provides users with a search engine resting upon state-of-the-art technology (location based services) and listed companies as well as tradesmen with new customers. YellowMap has a large network of high-profile co-operation partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That means, with an entry in the YellowMap business directory, the listed company is featured in about 100 internet portals (number growing). YellowMap has an excellent technological basis due to compound structure of companies, since YellowMap AG is the location based services entity of CAS Software AG and SAP AG. Within the CAS Group we have major shares on the following companies: Map & Guide (European market leader for mapware with points of interest), (most visited German-speaking travel portal) and Varta-Guide (most established hotel and restaurant-guide in German speaking countries, comparable to the Michelin-Guide in France). The content will is available in five European languages.

Expertise and experience of the organisation

YellowMap offers a very reliable and stable business-platform, with the ability to process millions of geocoded data (12 Mio. keywords, 1 Mio. streetnames) at an extremely fast speed. The scalability is of the system guaranteed in order to ensure the performance for a further great increase of visits. Moreover YellowMap allows for cross national search, multilingualism. YellowMap provides relevant maps and data throughout Europe based on an open platform, which compatible with all common technologies. The flexible XML-interface supports all open internet-standards. YellowMap is positioned and ivolved in a number of research projects in the location based business domain.

Business Motivation for ELBA

The objective of the ELBA project is to trial and validate location based advertising (LBA) for on a European scale. YellowMap will focus on the adaption and test location based services that can be accessed via mobile devices and in public transport systems. The services are personalised for higher efficiency and service differentiation. YellowMap is very interested to evaluate several service models. The extension of the product portfolio (e.g. Location Based Advertising and/or bundled offers) as well as the increase of the rate of penetration increase the economic viability of the sales-force. ELBA helps the preparation for the start of 3G (third generation of mobile communication) and is the basis of the con-version of existing online services into mobile services. Therefore cooperations with service providers as well as OEMs.

Activities in ELBA

YellowMap is the coordinator of the project and participates in all work-packages. Several work-packages will be managed by YellowMap.

Previous research experience (European, National)

YellowMap has good experience in several reseach activities, among them DOM (research on context aware services) and VIVIAN (middleware for mobile devices). Several workpackages will be managed by YellowMap.

Company Highlights

  • Content provision to more than 100 end-user portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • has been launched in close collaboration with Ericsson (switzerland). It provides on mobile handsets capable of wap the same functions as the stationary PC application.
  • Several LBS in Germany are based on YellowMap technology (DaimlerChrysler portal, M-Kompass of VIAG Intercom, Berlin LBS etc.)

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