Partner-specific dissemination strategies


The most important goal of ELBA's dissemination is to disseminate lessons learnt, in order to stimulate the introduction of the validated technologies and services in other areas. Disseminating information about the project is an integral part of several workpackages and a responsibility to all participants. Integrity and consistency of all dissemination activities and materials are to be supervised in WP9. WP9 will support all dissemination and will take the lead of larger events involved (?). During the course of the ELBA project, information about the project will be disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders in the relevant business and research communities:

1. Participation in scientific and commercial conferences
2. Contribution to EU organised cluster events and conferences
3. Publications in topic-specific journals (UMTS report), brochures (company newsletters) and the project's website
4. International and national bodies at global, European , national and regional levels will be kept informed about the ELBA developments
5. Conferences and journals. Opportunities will be sought to present papers and write articles for conferences and journals concerned with each of the subject areas of the project: technical, academic and socio-economic
6. Participation in major trade fairs and exhibitions, where the results of ELBA will be disseminated to a wider community.

After the end of the project a launch programme preceding roll-out of the full ELBA system will announce the project, its results and the development plans to appropriate public and professional media channels. Support from the communication services of the European Commissions will also be requested. A multi-step and multi-channel dissemination approach will be followed in order to reach different target groups. On the one hand we will address directly the relevant industry-sectors and potential customers of both the technology providers and technology validation group and on the other hand we approach the wider region of all participants with localised demonstrations and awareness actions of the mobile services, applications and the use-case.

Name of Partner

Goals of dissemination

Planned Activities

YellowMap AG
(CAS Software AG,

Position YellowMap as recognised content and technology provider in the area of location based services.

Cebit Presentation
Article in recognised magazine
Presentation at University course

Vodafone Information Systems GmbH

Demonstrate attractive user applications and services in the mobile telecommunication market.

International trade fair: teleregion
Press releases

LLE®-MARK IV Industries GmbH

To confirm LLE as leading company for high end devices in public transport.

Exploitation Press release
Participation in trade fair

City of Grenoble

Position Grenoble as innovative city to citizens, companies and tourists.

Press conference

Université de Toulouse-Le-Mirail

Confirm the university's leading position.

Scientific articles
Scientific conferences

Hervé Consultants

Confirm HC as a leading consulting company in the area of user involvement methodologies for European RTD projects.

Fact sheet

Tologar Ltd.

Increase popularity.