Kaleidoscope Consultants Ltd.

General information about Kaleidoscope:

Kaleidoscope is an independent consulting firm specialising in the application of business best practices, project management, process improvement, software productivity and testing within industry across Europe. The company was formed in 1996 and since then it has established a solid client base. Kaleidoscope offers a unique blend of high level commercial sense and technical knowledge. Our main driver is concerned with the growth of our client business and with the provision of services that supports that growth. We maintain and improve our knowledge transfer through our participation in major European Commission sponsored projects.


Services comprises of the following business operations:

  • Consulting for Industry: Guiding and giving practical support to professional organisations that want to improve the effectiveness of their business processes. This also includes assistance in compliance to ISO9000 standard, TickIT, CMM, Project Management, Testing, Customer Support and the establishment of Best Practice Programmes.
  • Consulting for the European Commission: Guiding European projects towards market opportunities, exploitation and completion. Kaleidoscope also participates in selected projects funded by the European Commission.
  • Market Research: Independent market research both for national bodies and commercial businesses.
  • Customised Training: Provisions for “customised training courses” in the areas of CMM, Internal Quality Auditing, Software Metrics, Software Best Practices and Business Process Improvement.


Our vision is built on a commitment of growth and performance. We actively foster an entrepreneurial culture and our goal is to excel in every market that we serve. Kaleidoscope is intent on expanding its interest to become the most reliable service provider across each business operation. We are intent on becoming the trusted partner for the customer.

Tom Flynn
+353 18 32 00 19
+353 18 32 00 19