LLE®-MARK IV Industries GmbH

Main Business

LLE®-MARK IV Industries GmbH designs, manufactures and sells passenger information signs to the rail and bus industry and to transport authorities mainly in Europe. Business is split into mobile and stationary applications for example equipment for city and interurban buses and information signs for bus and railway stations. The display technology used by LLE® is primarily based on flip dot modules. In the recent past, it has been expanded with LCD- and LED-modules.
LLE® will expand their range of products to the customers to offer a complete solution for all the customers passenger information requirements. In this way LLE® will move from being a manufacturer of destinations signs towards a company developing, producing and integrating passenger information systems for the bus and rail industry and for transport authorities.

Expertise and experience of the organisation

LLE® is the biggest company and market leader in Europe in the destination sign business. The company is the approved standard supplier to EvoBus and Volvo Poland and an approved supplier to MAN and Neoplan.
LLE® has an excellent reputation on the market regarding reliability, service and product quality. The Co-oporation with other companies of MARK IV allows LLE® to offer worldwide support to customers. Having an extensive product range allows LLE® to offer customer packaged solutions. In addition LLE® is listed as a supplier conforming the requirements of the German car transport authority. The company has 15 years experience in the bus destination sign market.

Business Motivation for ELBA

The objective of the ELBA project is to trial and validate location based advertising (LBA) on a European scale. LLE® will focus on the adaption and test location based services that can be accessed via mobile devices and in public transport systems. The services are personalised for higher efficiency and service differentiation. LLE® is very interested to evaluate several service models. The extension of the product portfolio (e.g. Location Based Advertising and/or bundled offers) as well as the increase of the rate of penetration increase the economic viability of the sales-force. ELBA helps the preparation for the start of 3G (third generation of mobile communication) and is the basis of the conversion of existing online services into mobile services. Therefore cooperations with service providers as well as OEMs.

Previous research experience (European, National)

  • Low-weight destination signs with aluminium profile
  • Two µP plug-in control consoles
  • Screen technology for mobile applications "DySI-M"

    Company Highlights

  • Market leader in passenger information signs in Europe
  • Customer base: approx. 1200
  • Knowledge of system integrator in passenger information systems
  • New products such as TFT-screens or DVA offer now opportunities for growth at LLE®

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