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Milestone 1 Milestone 1 consists of a publicly available document, which defines and describes the Location Based Advertising functionalities in detail. A market overview, technological approach, strategic and scientific watch, and use case scenario description will be included. ELBA Milestone 1.pdf
Milestone 2 Milestone 2 will be a fully functional prototype of the Location Based Advertising service. This milestone will consist of the three independent prototypes for the various Use Cases. In order to improve the ease-of-use for potentially interested persons, a round tour in HTML-format is offered The following links lead you to virtual tours through our three use cases:

Milestone 3 Milestone 3 is a publicly available report providing interested parties with documentation on the "Location Based Advertising" services, including an overview on the selected IT architecture, approach to content aggregation and user acceptance. ELBA Milestone 3.pdf
Milestone 4 Milestone 4 will be a document describing potentially successful business models for location based advertising and detailing the activities for successful exploitation and dissemination. ELBA Milestone 4.pdf