Operational Objectives of ELBA


  • Set up three different mobile marketing use cases in three European environments (France: Grenoble, Ireland: Dublin, Germany: Karlsruhe) and demonstrate successfully the possibilities and opportunities of mobile services.

  • Location Based Advertising on integrated displays in public transport systems: Passengers in public transport will receive two kinds of messages during their ride, first they get value-added information e.g. on events, timetables, delays, city-activities etc. Secondly they receive location based ads and special saving offers according to the warehouses and shops they pass.

  • Location Based Advertising on mobile devices

  • Users willing to accept ads on their mobile devices will receive either push information (they get an advertising message with savings offerings) or pull information (users can request information e.g. yellowpages etc.).

  • Context Sensitive Advertising in big warehouses, malls or supermarkets

  • Users who are in a mall receive according to their current position special offers on goods which are related to the goods in the area they are at that moment (in this use case interoperability issues between LAN (WLAN, Bluetooth etc.) and WAN (2.5-3G) are of high importance.