Last Update: April 5th 2004

Final press release

Final press release: "ELBA project successfully finished"

The following links lead you to virtual tours through our three use cases:

  • Use Case 1 (High Resolution screen in public transport, Karlsruhe)
  • Use Case 2 (Location Based Advertising on mobile devices, Grenoble)
  • Use Case 3 (Context Sensitive Advertising in Warehouses, Dublin)

  • ELBA-Flyer


    ELBA in print media

    Pressebericht Badische Neueste Nachrichten (BNN) 13.10.2003


    Review Meeting Grenoble - Anita Döhler Review Meeting Grenoble - Lunch
    Review Meeting Grenoble - Before the meeting Review Meeting Grenoble - Tom and Mario
    Review Meeting Grenoble - Andy and Anita Review Meeting Grenoble - Pekka and Roger

    ELBA on TV

    E-LBA on German TV (low quality, 6,7 MB)
    E-LBA on German TV (high quality, 16 MB)
    The German TV-station "3Sat" broadcasted about the E-LBA-project on its show "nano" on June 26th , 2003. The topic was "Werbung nach Maß - Karlsruher Straßenbahnen". The clip was repeated more than ten times at other TV-stations.

    This material carries copyright clearance for direct, unrestricted Internet access only from the ELBA website. To change these materials for distribution in any other form is a violation of the 3Sat-copyright.

    In order to get an impression of the MPEG content we have summarised the clip: The clip start wiht a short overview on the problems of the retail industry with decreasing sales in the year 2003 and that Location Based Advertising might offer a chance to increase sales. Then a reference to funding of the European Commission is made. After that, Mr. Dimpfel, the technical project leader of ELBA, explains the technological background and the innovative components of the ELBA system. Three examples of the ELBA use case in Karlsruhe are explained and backed up through interviews with the retailers:
    1. Advertisement of the Sandkorn theater, an alternative theater project in Karlsruhe
    2. Advertisement of barber, who situated in a side-street
    3. Advertisement of the "Post-Gallery" on of the biggest and most attractive shopping malls in Karlsruhe
    Finally the benefits of LBA are shortly highlighted.

    If you are interested, please click on one of the links above to see the clip about the ELBA project.

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    Public presentations

    ELBA Integration and Content.pdf
    ELBA_technical integration and content management.pdf
    ELBA status September 2003.pdf
    ELBA Real Life Scenarios of LBA MBusiness 2003.pdf
    Hero Press Release March 2003.doc
    ELBA presentation french.pdf
    ELBA Overview english.pdf
    ELBA note french.pdf
    YellowMap AG - Nutzererwartungen an Location Based Services.pdf
    YellowMap - LBS Wuensche und Realität.pdf
    YellowMap - Location Based Advertising mBusiness Conference 2002.pdf
    YellowMap - Location Based Services als Killerapplikation.pdf
    YellowMap - Location Based Services.pdf
    ELBA @ Systems2002 Munich (for impressions of the Systems 2002 [click here])