Hervé Consultants

Main Business

Hervé Consultants is a Paris-based consulting company founded in June 2001. The focus of our work is to provide assistance in the development of new information and communication technologies, as well as to accompany organizations on the people side of the change process - assisting organizations at the human level throughout the whole process in order for the necessary changes to be fully understood, accepted and implemented. Our specificity lies in our ability to combine the technical strengths of an IT company with the managerial and organizational experience of a consulting company. Our goal is to empower people by helping them let go of old behaviours, values and mindsets that are no longer relevant in a successful development strategy. In doing so, our efforts are geared at:

  • developing a strong sense of ownership in middle managers, team leaders and front line supervisors
  • providing tangible transition support to ensure that the new way becomes fully integrated throughout the organization
  • taking a proactive role in implementing the required changes
Since our creation, numerous companies, organizations and local authorities have benefited from our services. Some of our past projects include developing an on-line management tool for a French organization in the public sector and coordinating the activities of a large regulatory agency through the development of an intranet.

Expertise and experience of the organisation

Hervé Consultants has an expertise in participating in European projects, particularly in the field of user related issues and methodologies (collecting of user expectations and user returns etc). It has participated (through Parthenay Digital Town) in numerous European projects such as METASA, MIND (demo project), IMAGINE etc. all related to the introduction of new information and communication technologies.

Business Motivation for ELBA

ELBA offers Hervé Consultants an excellent opportunity to re-exploit its experience with user involvement issues and with methodologies to determine the expectations and the demo/testing of services with ordinary users (gathered from the former European projects) in this exciting new field of technology which represents location based services based on UMTS.

Activities in ELBA

Hervé Consultants is a member of the ELBA consortium and leads the Work Package "User involvement". Through its involvement in all key WT concerned with user-related issues, it works closely with the cities and with the scientific research people.

Previous research experience (European, National)

The President of SAS Hervé Consultants was formerly Mayor of "Parthenay, the Digital town" which has carried out several key European R&D and demo projects: METASA, MIND, and IMAGINE. All European projects involved a high degree of user involvement. In particular, IMAGINE developed an effective user involvement methodology for the development of interactive Internet-based services in the field of education and administration.

Karien van Driessche
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