Specific objectives


ELBA aims to contribute to the rapid take-up of mobile technologies, solutions and services in the area of "location based advertising". The objective of the project is to integrate different solutions and services in an innovative 2.5-3G service. The ELBA project aims at developing and validating an innovative approach for location based advertising The project will allow for the demonstration of wireless advertising in three international use case scenarios.

In the following structure the objectives are broken down according to specific project goals:

    Strategic Objectives

    Business Objectives

    Socio-economic Objectives

    Technological Objectives

    Operational Objectives

The objective of the project is to integrate innovative technologies and demonstrate the possibilities of mobile services in the area of location based advertising. It should help to demonstrate the business opportunities in mobile services to European companies.
By the end of this project, the ELBA will have developed three mobile marketing services and tested with 75 end users.
The current situation is that 72% of the APRU (mobile average revenue per user) goes to the network operators. In order to build up a substantial business for European enterprises services, applications and content has to be included in the mobile value chain and substantial revenue shares should in the future be distributed to them. As a result of ELBA's activity, by the end of the project, providers of services, applications and content for mobile business should be aware of the potential offered by m-commerce to improve their business opportunities and some 1000 companies in Europe should be investing in mobile business opportunities.