Tologar Ltd. T/A Hero

Main Business:

Trading as "Hero", Tologar Limited was established in 1969 and it is now established as a reputable supplier of ladies fashion for the Dublin community. We specialise in providing young people in particular teenage girls - with the latest fashion and 'trendy' clothes. We target the lower and less costly market. We think in volume sale. Our retail clothes are purchased by wholesale in Ireland and the UK.
Hero is in a prime location within the heart of Dublin city, where up to 50,000 - 120,000 people pass the store depending on seasonal factors.
Hero is one of a number of similar stores within close proximity. Competition comes from two stands of stores, the large chain stores, such as Debenhams, Arnotts, Dunnes Stores, Marks & Spencers. Secondly competition is received from smaller independent retail stores of a similar size and business. We estimate that in the enclosing business space of a 1 square Kilometer radius there is approximately 500 competing stores.

Expertise and experience of the organisation

Anthony Garland, the Owner/Managing Director, has been involved in the retail industry since 1972. The company has witnessed the rapid transformation of the retail industry in Ireland and the intense competition, which resulted in cheap imports of fashionable clothes from Asia and the Far East. The company survived. It acknowledged the way the retail industry was changing over the years and was able to adopt in order to beat off the competition. Many stores of inflated reputation did not survive and no longer trade. Our staff members are fully trained to deal with the general public, their inquiries and safety.

Motivation for ELBA

The ELBA project provides an opportunity for Hero to gain competitive advantage through the use of the latest mobile technology. Hero knows that many of their young customers hold in person a mobile telephone. They want to make contact with them using the ELBA technology. Potentially, it could increase their sales and turnover by as much as 20 per cent per annum. Hero believes that the project will make the store more competitive and attractive to the youth of Dublin. They represent the greatest concentration of mobile phone usage in Ireland. Hero is very pleased to have the opportunity to trial the ELBA technology.

Activities in ELBA

Active participation as end user site and requirements definition.

Company highlights

  • Founded in 1967
  • Survived the collapse of the retail industry in the 1970 and early eighty's
  • Able to adopt and change with the times and increasing demands and competitive pressure.
  • Well-respected outlet in Central Dublin based on track record.

    Anthony Garland
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