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Education and Research

The University of Toulouse-Le Mirail (Litterature & Human Sciences) is composed of 5 "Research and Training Unit"", with 3 institutes and 5 Professionalized University Institutes. The Research teams and laboratories are gathered in the "House of the Research".
The University counts 678 Professors and Associate Professors, 296 employees (Administration, Technical Services…)and more than 27 000 students.
The "House of the Research" counts 35 Research teams:

  • Units of research attached to the CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre)
  • University Research Teams
  • Units supported by the Scientific Council of the University
    The Research budget in 1996 was 24 millions of FF (3,66 millions €).

    Expertise and experience of the organisation

    The CIEU-CNRS of the University of Toulouse-le-Mirail has participated in and has conducted numerous research projects on the interrelationship technique, space and society. It has important international scientific partnerships, including with EU countries (Germany, Italy and Spain etc).

    Motivation for ELBA

    To improve the transfer of knowledge between the project partners on the role of users and the specific context in which they are situated. To improve the transfer between service and technological providers and the users.

    Activities in ELBA

  • To coordinate the scientific research work carried out in the three experimental sites (Grenoble, Karlsruhe and Dublin).
  • To organise a scientific and strategic watch in the field of LBA services.
  • To participate in the dissemination activities (presentation of the research results).

    Previous research experience

    European : 1996 : Metasa (DG XIII), Research on Parthenay ; 1997 : Mind (DG III), idem ; 1998-2000: Imagine (DG XIII), idem
    National : 1995 : Research on the computerization of the Urban Authorities in France (PIR-Villes, Cnrs); 2000 : Research on the Senior Population and their Uses of Internet (Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Vieillesse; Direction de la Recherche sur le Vieillissement); 2001 à 2002 : Cities and NICT (animation de l'axe 1 du Programme de l'Action Initiative de Recherche sur la Ville du Ministère de la Recherche et de la Technologie).

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