Vodafone Terenci GmbH

Main Business

Vodafone Terenci GmbH is a pan-European consulting and system integration company, concentrating on mobile applications and seamless business services. As a 100% Vodafone subsidiary, we combine mobile applications and services skills with expertise in WLAN and seamless services, including management consulting, information technology and integration.

The combination of these skill-sets has resulted in a unique team. Members handle all aspects of a project, covering both mobile communications and seamless services, whilst delivering a consistently high quality of implementation.

Founded at the beginning of 2001, Vodafone Terenci is located in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf, Germany, and currently employs 50 people.

Expertise and experience of the organisation

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Business Motivation for ELBA

The objective of the ELBA project is to integrate location based advertising (LBA) for an European focus. Vodafone Terenci will focus on the integration of location based data (Cell-ID) on the ELBA platform witch can be accessed via mobile devices and in public transport systems. The extension of the product portfolio (e.g. Location Based Advertising and/or bundled offers) as well as the increase of the rate of penetration increase the economic viability of the sales-force. ELBA helps the preparation for the start of 3G (third generation of mobile communication) and is the basis of the con-version of existing online services into mobile services.

Activities in ELBA

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Previous research experience (European, National)

Vodafone Terenci has good experience in many national and european projects and products.

Company Highlights

Vodafone Terenci‘s portfolio reaches from the creation of mobile feasibility studies, through analysis of the impact of mobile technology on business processes, to the design, development, implementation and roll-out of complex, customised, mobile B2B and B2C solutions, as well as WLAN and seamless services.

Vodafone Terenci is a member of the Vodafone group with direct access to

  • All Vodafone OpCos
  • The latest developments in mobile communications, the internet and terminals
  • Support for all Cooperation and Marketing scenarios
  • Hosting and Licensing Models
  • Pan-European - with local presence

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